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How to View Order History
Updated at:1235 days 23 hours ago

How to check order history on website:

Log in to your account. Go to "Order" - "Spot Orders". img

Choose from "My Orders" and "My Trades" (filled orders). Then select the order type, pair, and timeframe. Click on "Filter" to apply filters and start searching. img


1.There is no time limit for the orders to stay effective. They get filled as soon as the price matches.

2.Only when the market price matches your set price, the order will be filled. If the market price does not match the set price, the orders will keep waiting. Before the orders get filled, users can cancel them anytime, which does not come with any handling fees.

3.After canceling the order, funds will be returned to your account. The refund can be confirmed in the balance and transaction history.When the set buying price is higher than the market price, the limit order will be settled at market price.

4.When the set selling price is lower than the market price, the limit order will be settled at market price.

How to check order history on mobile app:

Open app and log in to your account. Click on "Trade" on the bottom navigation bar. Then select the pair.


Scroll down and go to "Orders". Select "Limit Order" to view order history.


If you are looking for a larger dataset of order history, click on the "ledger clock" icon.


Detailed order records can be viewed in "Orders" and "HISTORY". you can apply filters (timeframe, market, buy/sell type) on the whole dataset to select the information that you need. In "HISTORY", you can select order records by choosing specific timeframes. (Note: if there are too many canceled orders, you can enable "Hide Cancelled Orders".) img

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